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DeTect Receives Gulf Coast Trade Alliance Export Achievement Award


DeTect, Inc. this week received the Inaugural Gulf Coast Trade Alliance Export Achievement Award for the State of Florida at a ceremony at the 15th Annual World Trade Conference in Mobile, Alabama. "The Gulf Coast Trade Alliance acknowledges your dedication and ability to advance international trade and contribute significantly to increasing Gulf Coast exports," said Christina Stimpson, director of international trade for the Mobile Chamber of Commerce in the award notification, "and we extend our congratulations to you on accomplishing this high level of achievement."

DeTect's President and CEO, Gary W. Andrews, accepted the award on behalf of the company saying that, "DeTect was very honored to receive recognition for its success in exporting U.S. manufactured radar systems." Since its founding in Panama City, Florida in 2003, DeTect has delivered over 260 of its radar systems worldwide with over 55% of its Florida and Colorado manufactured products being exported. Mr. Andrews further noted that , "exports have been critical to the company's on-going growth and creation of high-tech jobs in the U.S."


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