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Largest Development in Panama City History Receives Approval


Tuesday, May 28, 2013, the St. Andrew Bay Land Company received approval to start phase one of what Panama City officials are calling the biggest development that's been in the city. The plan, which spans over the next 30 years will build over 3,000 homes and create 700,000 square feet of commercial space.

"My heart is racing with excitement because the labor of love and all the hard work that's gone into this is finally getting close to shovel ready," said Ward 3 Commissioner Billy Radar.

"That's gonna be the biggest development that's been in the city of Panama City, ever," said Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki.

That project, dubbed Sweetbay, is predicted to bring hundreds of jobs to Panama City.

"We're taking a piece of property that's never generated any taxes for the city before and now we're gonna turn it into residential and have a school over there," said Brudnicki, "it should be really nice."

Commissioners did have questions about some of the requests for flexibility the developers made, but representatives from the company said what they're asking for isn't out of the ordinary.

"All we're asking for is basically the curb that's asked for in other places and works," said St. Andrew Bay Land Company Vice President, Bill Cunningham.

Work will begin soon now that the developer has approval on phase one of the development. The next hurdle the group will have to overcome is negotiating where pipes will be in a future phase with Gulf Power, but for now, so far, so good, with the plan receiving approval across the board.

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